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You know how important a review is for your app, and that it can be very time consuming and costly to get one.

We provide real, honest reviews for your Android or IOS apps, reviews that can help improve the quality and user experience of your app. Our team of people, will download, use your app on different devices for a few days and after that will write a review about it. It can take up to 5 days to upload 10 reviews, 10 days for 20 reviews and up to 20 days to upload 30 reviews.

How does it work?

We are a bunch of people, mainly activating in the app developing and marketing industry.

Every one of us will download your app, and after using it for a while will post a review on the affiliated market.

We don't guarantee it will be a positive one, but as long as you accept constructive criticism, you're more than welcome to become one of our many customers.

The following prices involve reviews for free applications. We do accept reviewing paid apps: in this case please use the contact form and we’ll respond with an offer.


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Do you need more reviews? Please contact us.  But remember, we are real people, not bots, so we cannot deliver a huge number of reviews at once, not to mention the quality of the reviews.

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Real Users Reviews.
Great service
Not the fastest service out there but reliable and professional.
Thank you
Nicely done.

IOS Developer

CEO, My Company, Inc.
AppReviewShop has really interesting thoughts when it comes to my app. keep going bro!

-Garry Hage

Cannot divulge the company's name
Great job guys, you sure helped out. I will use your service again soon.

-Billy BoyBoy

Founder, IOS Development and Marketing



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